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Internet 101

16 Feb

photoMy mother has recently discovered the Internet. Here she is (bottom right) pictured with the graduating class of Roslyn’s Adult Education: Web for Beginners course. It’s been over a year since I donated my baby pink laptop to her so that she could solicit bachelors on E-Harmony. She’s only now begun to grasp that other websites exist and that they can all be accessed through “Google” which she always pronounces as if she’s speaking English as a second language.

My mom’s even starting to crawl on Facebook. However, she hasn’t mastered what it means to post something ON someone’s wall versus just out there in the ether. Highlights include setting her status as “” instead of emailing the guy directly; posting “HEY BABY I LUVYOUR WORK!!! (sic) to no one in particular, and going on a commenting spree whenever I’m tagged in a photo to the tune of, “YAY! Your all biutiful. Let’s party!” Luckily, she’s extremely complimentary so like me, my pals all find this scholar of social media endearing. Here’s her latest learning exercise in uploading and captioning.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 6.24.21 PM

I want puppies too, mom.

Besides wall commentary, her most recent hobby has been using the web to find favors to give out at my bridal shower. As far as I know, it’s not customary for the bride to select said party treats, but I’m unemployed, hands-on, and this is a project that my mother believes in very deeply. Her only daily interactions are with her doctors, and now, my FB friends so I’ve been delighted to send her links to heart-shaped wine openers, now that she actually knows what a link is.

I think it’s rather impressive for a high school dropout, who only discovered word processing in her early 60’s to be as savvy as she is, even if she advertises the occasional e-harmony guy’s email address along the way.

Mom, if you’ve navigated to this post, keep up the good work. And, hats off to your fellow graduates! May you live long and tweet often.