Besides baked cheetos and taking photos of livestock, I am not addicted to anything. Except for boys. My divorced parents – an eccentric hairdresser Mom and an outspoken Dad – both engrained in me that monogamy is a myth, and I should act as I please, thus creating a conflicted daughter who, on the one hand enjoyed the luxuries of being flippant, and on the other, dreamed of having a conventional future that didn’t resemble her parents. This tension led me to be the resident dating columnist in college, which made me quite popular with the frat guys, until they realized that I was only writing about the subtleties of “putting out” and not actually doing it. From there, with hopes of espousing relationship advice to all of humanity, I got a Masters in Journalism and spent the last few years as an editor for Condé Nast’s food sites, Epicurious and Gourmet (despite having the palate of a four-year-old boy). I’ve written and worked for Brides.com, CNN.com, Seventeen, the Huffington Post, and True Romance Magazine (yes, such a publication exists). Before meeting my fiancé six-years-ago, I cavorted with every male archetype. Now, we live in a studio apartment in NYC where trips to the bathroom feel like long distance. I may not be an expert in all things bridal, but my two (plus) year engagement coupled with my experience sharing a (very) confined space have helped me to pick up a few observations along the way. I’d love to hear yours, too – especially if you have any tips!

I didn’t have any requisite photos of me as a little girl dressed as a bride, so this pic will have to do.


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